ETCC- Intermediate


Course prerequisite: The applicant must be working as a first responder (volunteer or paid). *Exceptions will be made for civilians wanting to increase their knowledge.

Security agencies, first aid responders, firefighters, police officers, peace officers, search and rescue personnel, Canadian Forces Officers, etc.

  • Immediate response trauma care
  • How to perform a rapid trauma survey to recognize life-threatening bleeding, airway emergencies and respiration emergencies and the initial steps you can take to care for these patients.
  • The actions that you can take to help save a life before professional rescuers arrive.
  • Explain why it is important to use a tourniquet to control life-threatening bleeding from an arm or leg.
  • Demonstrate how to apply a tourniquet to the arm and leg. Self-Aid and Buddy Aid
  • Demonstrate how to pack a wound with gauze and apply pressure to control bleeding.
  • The use of hemostatic agents to promote the formation of blood clots.
  • Perform basic airway manoeuvres
  • Recognizing penetrating and blunt chest injuries.
  • Explain the need for victims with these injuries to be transported immediately to an appropriate hospital
  • Recovery position and keeping the patient warm

Two (2) classes can be conducted per day.
Class Length: 2.5 hrs
Class capacity:  10 Participants
Price per student: $120